Joris Heirman
Prince2 & ITIL - Training - Coaching



Joris thrives on success with a can-do mentality. He loves being challenged and spreads the value of collaboration to achieve the right goals. As an out-of-the-box thinker, he does not limit himself to a methodology, business or a good practice but he keeps his eye on the outcome for his customer while picking the right tools to get there.

While having international experience in Europe, Asia and Africa, Joris has also worked in different business area’s like banking, direct marketing and the energy market. He enjoys combining the work in the trenches with the more abstract matters and teaching both of them.

He started delivering training during a consultancy job in 2013 and noticed the energy he got out of this experience. Now he has evolved into a freelance accredited trainer for Prince2 and ITIL. Mixing theory with practice adds value for both Joris and his customers.

Having the right communication skills, Joris enjoys presenting and brainstorming on idea’s and topics he believes in. He will use this new information to learn from and build future successes on.

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